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A backpack is the ultimate tool for holding everything you need. The versatility of a backpack makes them a must-have item for all consumers. It’s no wonder that so many companies get custom embroidered backpacks and personalized bags of their own design. You can too! At Art Concepts, our catalog features an extensive selection of backpacks in all sizes, styles, and materials. Backpacks are used (and seen) as many as six times per month, making it a great marketing tool as well! It’s just the boost your marketing efforts need. Choose from the best backpacks that we have.


High quality, reusable products like custom embroidered backpacks are the type of promotional product that customers love to receive and create brand loyalty as custom embroidered backpacks get used over and over again. As a customer carries custom embroidered backpacks by Art Concepts, they will be reminded of your brand, logo or message and so will others as they carry your brand or message with them.


Everyone has carried a backpack at some point in their lives: custom embroidered backpacks from Art Concepts are useful for so many different events and come in so many different styles. Embroidered backpacks are an ideal promotional product that can help promote your school, company, team, business or organization.

Come shop our showroom today, and our embroidery team can help you find the perfect backpack to embroider for you today We are fully equipped to handle your order no matter the size, with multiple state-of-the-art embroidery machines on-hand and ready to go. To get your project started today, submit an estimate form and you’ll receive a free quote for your upcoming project. We can’t wait to work with you!

Art Concepts also has other embroidery services, including custom shirt embroidery and custom uniform embroidery, and also custom shirts and screen printing, stickers, signs and much more.

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